Friday, May 28, 2010

Toronto Star Blog G8 G20 An Artful Challenge

At first Huntsville Nature Artist Terry Gill was happy the G8 summit was coming to his hometown
"I thought boy oh boy, they're coming to Muskoka. How can they come to Muskoka and not be enthusiastic about the environment?" said Gill, who dedicates his paintings to the "Healing of the Environment."
He set out on a mural, three feet by four feet. But as he researched the summit, he became disillusioned. the world's problems-climate change, poverty,war-needed swift action,Gill thought and the G8's track record didn't show they were going to do it. 
So the mural became a protest
The colourful- almost psychedelically so painting called "Spirit of Accountability" is a hodge podge of protest themes,from the environment (an Orca whale swimming in pristine,blue water) to an antiwar (a Maple leaf inside a peace symbol). It took him more then a year to complete 

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