Saturday, July 10, 2010

Rumors --Rumors--Rumors--G8-G20

That Steven Harper will announce the following as host of the G8--G20 $ummit$
As an example to the world Canada will
As of October 1 2010
  • all sources and bodies of water in Canada will be classified as SACRED and will be monitored and protected as such
  • all products produced in Canada and imported to Canada will have a business plan on the full recycling of each product
  • all new road construction or upgrades in urban and selected rural areas will have a walking cycling path provided
  • full financial support will be made available to cities,towns and municipalities in Canada for full separation and recycling of all garbage in their areas
  • tax incentives will be greatly increased for alternative energy use by homes and businesses and financial incentives to manufacturers of such products in Canada
  • Cost approx. 1.3 Billion
  • Cost G8-G20 photo session 1.3 Billion


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